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  1. Once Established - Buxus are drought tolerant - if potted keep MOIST.
    Buxus hate being over watered and soggy soil.

  2. Buxus love a PH of 6.5 to 7.5 PH. They hate acidic soil. Use a good LIME - Dolomite Lime to neutralise soil.

  3. When planting - plant up to lower branches. They do not get collar rot. This eliminates gaps under your hedge.

  4. When planting 'bare rooted' stock:
    • Plant Deep - up to and including lower branches
    • Flood Roots With Water - this eliminates air pockets - soil smoothers roots - then water normally

  5. Always cut hedge on a cool day with quality HAND SHEARS - Electric or petrol cutters tend to rip or shred hedge - and hand shears tend to give a cleaner cut. Water leaves down before cutting.

  6. Love chook manure or pellets. At least twice a year.

  7. If box hedges are going a bronze colour or yellow orange , check soil for too much water- or they need a big feed of fertilizer and or dolomite lime.